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Waterproof shade sails could be the answer to your problem of not being able to use your outdoor areas when it's raining.

We all know that Brisbane and the surrounding areas get a lot of rain... and when it's not raining the sun is out doing it's best to cook us. Strangely, it's the perfect climate and we love it (otherwise we wouldn't live here).

A great way to combat the elements is by constructing shade sails - waterproof ones that will keep you dry.

"Waterproof shade sails (sometimes called 'curvy structures') give the same kind of protection of a solid roof however they give you much more freedom with your design ideas."

A real 'curvy structure' is a structure made from rolled metal beams that has shade sail material stretched over the top. The shade sail doesn't even have to be waterproof. In most cases however we fix a waterproof membrane (the sail part) to the frame hence the reason why most people call the finished product a 'curvy structure'.

Waterproof shade sails can be Dri/Z (a waterproof shade cloth which is shade cloth with a membrane on the under side), architectural vinyl, or poly tarp products (membrane sails).

The first step of the construction process is to use heavy gauge galvanised steel which gives your waterproof shade sail structure amazing strength. We will then secure your structure to ground or building as per qualified engineer approved specifications. After we're happy that your new shade structure is as tough as it can be we'll then tightly stretch premium quality Architectural Vinyl over the top.

Approximately 50 colours available

Your waterproof shade sails will look absolutely fantastic! With approximately 50 colours of architectural vinyl and powder coat for the posts available, you're sure to love how well they will match your your house or business premesis.

Shade sails (waterproof ones) are not as expensive as you might think!

Different Shade Structures...

  • Hip Structure
    Hip Structure

    Protect yourself from the harsh Brisbane sun.

  • Cantilever

    A curved roof look.

  • Rolled Roof Structure
    Rolled Roof Structures

    A rolled roof look.

  • Enclosed Structure
    Enclosed Structures

    Get a structure that is enclosed and keeps the elements out.

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